Welcome To Quinn's Nursery
Dear Friends,
Over the past three decades our family owned
working nursery has grown, but we have not
forgotten that the key to great plants is personal
attention. The secret to our success is that we
work seven days a week, 365 days a year
perfecting our passion! As you well know, we are
not a distribution point where plants are trucked
in with little care or thought given to how they will
look a week later.  We choose our plant varieties
based on what we know works well here. As the
years have passed we have learned a lot about
plants in this area. We realize that just because a
plant will grow in Atlanta does not mean it will
grow here. Rest assured that if we sell it, it can
grow here. Thinking of working in your yard,
planting a garden, or simply making a flowerbed,
but are not sure where to start???
Firmly Planted Since 1973
McCaysville, GA     1-706-492-4219